Our Support

Branch Set-up

Overall Planning of the school’s building.

Unique Atoms “Special Learning Areas” designs.

Specialized in-house teams of Carpenters, Artists And Painters To Recreate.
The Atoms Interiors Access to quality vendors for school requirements (furniture, soft toys, swings) at great value for money.

Guidelines on final branch set-up.

Elaborate Training on Branch set-up.

Training & Recruitment

Assistance In Recruitment Of Headmistress, Counselors & Teachers.

Complete HR policies to ensure smooth functioning of the branch.

Our Intensive Training Programme For Franchisees & Headmistresses On More
Than 20 Topics By A Team Of Expert Trainers.

Regular Training Programmes

Onsite Parents’ Workshops

One-To-One Tele-Counseling of the Teachers, If Required.

Ongoing Support

Every Month Regular visits to your branch.

Dedicated Support Central Executive Officer for all your queries.

Atoms – Regular phone calls and video conferencing.

Standardized formats to maintain school records.

Regular feedback taken from all branches.

Marketing Support

Intensive training on “Several ways to market your Playschool”.

Design of marketing campaign for your branch.

Advertising, Online Promotional And Marketing Material, Including
prospectuses Brochures, Newspaper Advertisements, Leaflets, Banners,
Cable Advertising Etc.

Press release & media invites.

Complete guidance in planning of events, annual function, sports day etc.