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What We Do?


ATOMS EDUCATION offers the highly satisfying, most promising, profitable and best rewarding ATOMS EDUCATION play school franchise business opportunity to the entrepreneurs with an invitation to be a part of the fastest growing education sector.


According to a business research in Early Childhood Education sector, the play schools offering high quality education at affordable cost for the play school kids of the lower and middle class population will be poised for highest growth rate.


Play School, preferably on Ground Floor and preferably with an additional open space for the outdoor play school activities. The space must be in a residential area with moderate to high density of population and could be owned or leased (with minimum 3 years of lease period contract).


We at ATOMS EDUCATION have developed a comprehensive design for all our franchisees. We believe that in order to strike a perfect franchisor and franchise equation and to establish the best play school franchise an ideal support system is essential hence extending total hand holding supplemented by a professional guidance, Our philosophy of treating our franchises as our partners in growth accounts for our success as one of the best play school franchisor in Tamilnadu.

Who We Are?

ATOMS EDUCATION offers the highly satisfying, most promising, profitable and best rewarding ATOMS EDUCATION play school franchise business opportunity to the entrepreneurs with an invitation to be a part of the fastest growing education sector.
ATOMS EDUCATION invites you, like the entrepreneurs – teachers, women entrepreneurs, individuals, institutions, registered societies and the owners of the individual primary nursery elementary schools in cities and towns to be part of the fastest growing chain of Play School by establishing ‘ATOMS EDUCATION’ brand of franchise play school.

About Us

Our Mission

Atoms mission is a unique combination of broadcast, interactive and tech talent that has pointedly addressed the future.

Our Infrastructure

License From Authorized Organization
NOC’s From Various Departments
ISO Certification, Students Play Materials
Text Book & Note Books
Smart Class Rooms with Animated Subject Contents
Advertisement in Your LocalityFree Website Promotion, Free Medical Checkup
60 to 80 % Guaranteed Returns on every Month.

Tamilnadu’s Most Experienced Playschool Chain
12+ years of proven success in Management and Educational Industry.
We are going to launch 500+ ATOMS branches in and around of Tamilnadu.

12  +
500  +
Aiming Branches
No. 1
Brand in Tamilnadu

Our Vision

Our goal is to respond to the call of creating the emerging leaders of tomorrow. We are committed to impacting a synergy of skills, knowledge, and values in our children to lend them their inner voice for the 21st century.
Our learning environment enables each child to realize their unique learning style, while our MI-aided methodology helps them discover their own creative and aesthetic potential.

Our Support

If you have a vision, We have a plan

Establish your own pre-school with lris florets backed by experience, Expertise and excellence infrasturcture & set-up support.

You  are not alone nor do you have to reinvent the wheel.  As a ATOMS franchise owner, you are a part of the team that is focused on supporting your business with the best.

We shall provide you the staff with the right training, tools and support.  We are constantly updating and improving our system with the best available international concepts and have fine-tured tools you will need to ensure your success in the project.  Some of the ATOMS  benefits are as follows in detail.


  • Overall Planning of the school’s building.
  • Unique Atoms “Special Learning Areas” designs.
  • Specialized in-house teams of Carpenters, Artists And Painters To Recreate.
  • The Atoms Interiors Access to quality vendors for school requirements (furniture, soft toys, swings) at great value for money
    Guidelines on final branch set-up.
  • Elaborate Training on Branch set-up


  • Assistance In Recruitment Of Headmistress, Counselors & Teachers
    Complete HR policies to ensure smooth functioning of the branch.
    Our Intensive Training Programme For Franchisees & Headmistresses On More
    Than 20 Topics By A Team Of Expert Trainers
    Regular Training Programmes
    Onsite Parents’ Workshops
    One-To-One Tele-Counseling of the Teachers, If Required


  • Every Month Regular visits to your branch.
  • Dedicated Support Central Executive Officer for all your queries.
  • Atoms – Regular phone calls and video conferencing.
  • Standardized formats to maintain school records.
  • Regular feedback taken from all branches.


  • Intensive training on “Several ways to market your Playschool”
  • Design of marketing campaign for your branch.
  • Advertising, Online Promotional And Marketing Material, Including 
  • prospectuses Brochures, Newspaper Advertisements, Leaflets, Banners,
    Cable Advertising Etc.
  • Press release & media invites.
  • Complete guidance in planning of  events, annual function, sports day etc.

Our Process

Learn About Each Step Of The Process

  • 01
    Low Investment
    Successfully replicated, Low investment Play School Franchise projects Low Royalty fee in India, means higher profits for franchisee
  • 03
    No Business Risks
    No business risks involved in opening a Play School & the Operations Recession Free Education Business opportunity of starting a Play School Best returns on Investment (60%-80%) in Play School project establishment
  • 02
    Add On Programmes
    Add on programmes will be provide in additional revenue to the Franchisor. Project Financing Available for establishing a Play School
  • 04
    Free website promotion, and we provide regular and Free Medical Check-up to your play school students at every month. High growth rate business with ever increasing demand for an affordable, high quality early childhood education offered by ATOMS EDUCATION Play Schools.

Steps to Join Us

  • Kindly Call / Email / Courier to us the Location map of the proposed location in the city/town. Plan/layout of the proposed building with dimensions of the rooms. Photographs of the building.
  • We will take 2 weeks for review of the location.
  • If the location is approved, you need to fill the Franchise application Form along with 10,000 INR registration fee. Then we shall send you the sample agreement for signing.
  • Our team of painters/carpenters & designers will set-up the branch for you.
  • You shall undertake training at our Head Office in Trichy where we provide you with manuals and training material.
  • We shall assist you in purchases for your school during your training.
  • We shall prepare a marketing plan for your launch in consultation with you.
  • Once the branch is launched, you shall continue to receive regular guidance on running.
  • Other Atoms Education’s branches & the Head Office is just one phone call/email away for any help you need. We are here to help you become a successful entrepreneur!!
  • To discuss the matter personally, Contact our Franchise Consultant.

Investment Plan

Atoms Education offering the wide range of
development services that allow your budget.

Steps to be followed to start a Atoms School Franchise

  • 03
    Our designer will prepare designs of your branch and send it to you within 10 days
  • 06
    Team of carpenter, painter and designer will start the work to setup the branch
  • 09
    Recruitment of staff (Principal, Teachers and supporting Staff)
  • 01
    Send the duly filled Franchise Application Form and Photographs of the building & layout plan with the dimensions of the rooms
  • 04
    Our Franchise Manager will get in touch with you within on time and guide you for the formalities for site inspection
  • 07
    Once the site is approved you need to complete the formalities for signing franchise agreement
  • 10
    Training of Franchisee and Branch Head at ATOMS Education Head Office
  • 02
    Procurement of toys, play equipments and other items required to start the branch as per ATOMS Education
  • 05
    Planning of advertisement marketing and inauguration of the branch.
  • 08
    After the launch of your ATOMS Branch you just ATOMS school System & Curriculum on day – to – day operations to create World Class Schooling Experience for your Students.
  • 11
    Congratulation!! Now your ATOMS School in ON

Return On Investment



Land : 2400 SQ FT & ABOVE
Building 1200 SQ FT
(Preferably Own/Lease Space)






Reception1100 100
Office1150 150
Activity hall1600 600
Toilet230 60
Open space1200200
Classroom capacity10-15 STUDENTS
Maximum capacity of the branch150-250 STUDENTS

Atoms Advantages

  • Tamilnadu’s Most Experienced Playschool Chain.
  • We are providing well updated Curriculum & modern system of education.
  • World acclaimed ‘Atoms System of Education’ based on 12+years of Research & Development.
  • The industry’s most experienced & well known Playschool management team.
  • 100% management focus on running Playschools & Senior Schools.
  • 1, 30,000+ Fans on Face book & Whatsapp Accounts.
  • Extensive Online & Social Media Marketing on Face book, LinkedIn, Twitter,Blogs, etc.
  • It will be a No. 1 Playschool brand.
  • We are going to launch 500+ ATOMS branches in and around of Tamilnadu.
  • 12+ years of proven success in Management and Educational Industry.
  • Owned and managed by highly qualified management.
  • Elaborate documents & guidelines for Morning Assemblies, Activities, Competitions.
  • Well-researched, child-friendly & attractive books, CDs and Circulars written & designed.
  • in-house exclusively for the benefit of Atoms Education.
  • Centrally designed & developed Annual Calendar & Systematic Monthly planner for the entire academic session.
  • Continuous updating by the R&D Team incorporating the best teaching- learning practices.
  • Nutritious breakfast with hygienically preparation without cooking designed by our Nutritionists.
  • Evaluation Policy & Procedure and Guidelines including detailed observation checklist & Evaluation cards.
  • Learning with updated Animation software to supplement teaching in the classroom.
  • For activities – detailed teachers’ instructions, notice board design and parent’s circular provided.
  • Celebrations, Annual Days, Sports Days, and Excursions etc.


What is a good time to start the play school?
It is always a good time to start a Play school. In Play schools, admissions happen throughout the year. Also, earlier a Play school becomes operational, more the number of parents who become aware of it.
Is there any time frame to start play school?
There is no any timeframe to start Playschool. In playschool basically kids envolved in the environment so that they will continue the formal classes without any hesitation. They are teached here along with they play.
I am interested.How do i proceed?
You can show your interest by filling the enquiry form. After you received the proposal and if you are ok with our terms & conditions then you need to fill the Franchise application Form along with 10,000 INR registration fee.
What is the next step after application form?
Once we received your application form along with the registration amount then we will schedule a site visit to your proposed location. If your site is getting approved as per our terms & condition then we will help you to the next step of process.
If site is not approved, What about Registration fee?
If your proposed location is not approved then we will refund your registration fee after deducting the Service Charge amount(18%). We will also give you another chance to check out the new location till date.
What is the tenure of the contract between the franchisees and Atoms education? What happens after 1year?
The initial tenure of the contract is 1 year. Under normal circumstances, subject to satisfactory performance of the Play school, the contract will be renewed for the 2nd year with additional payment of 1,00,000 INR/per year + GST respectively.
Is there any royalty charged by Atoms education?
Yes , Rs. 1,00,000/- INR Only is the fee charging for the royalty.
Who decides the fees structure?
The fee structure is jointly decided by discussions between the franchisee and Atoms Education. It depends on the paying capacity of parents in the neighborhood, fees charged by competition and the facilities offered by the Play school.
How much time does it take for the play school to become operational?
If the place is ready for possession, a Play school takes around 30-60 days to become operational.
Is any approvel required from any education board or municipal authority for running the paly school?
To running a Play school, approval is required from local municipal authority. All the No Objection certificate must get from the municipal departments will suffice and also varies state to state.
Is there any initial training program?
We provide the regular training to operate the ATOMS Education franchise is in successful way. ATOMS training program that will helps you, to operate the school including day-to-day activities, curriculum training & local advertisement planning & implementation.
How much time it will take to money the setup?
It will take almost 30-45 days to make the complete development. Along with them you can also start the local advertisement to get the more admission at the inauguration.
Does the franchisee need to provide food to the children?
Atoms Education does not provide food at any of our Play schools. Parents are best suited to know their own child’s taste and meal preferences. Your teachers and maids will help the child to eat.
What is the Teacher-Student ratio to be maintained?
The recommended teacher student ratio is between 1:10 and 1:16.
How many children can be accommodated in a class?
A normal class can accommodate up to 20 children with 2 teachers. The recommended teacher student ratio is between 1:10. This can vary upwards or downwards depending on the size of the classroom.
Who collects the fees form the parents?How does the franchise get the money?
The franchisee center is allowed to collects the fees from the parents and deposits it in atoms education’s bank account within 15TH Day of every month. Simultaneously, Atoms Education provides the monthly share to franchise within end of the first week is applicable as per the agreement.


"We feel proud and happy to be associated with Franchise of Atoms Education as doing fast business in India is equal to Atoms playschool Franchise. We have been actively involved with your Franchise consultancy looking forward for a long term connection and commitment with Playschool Franchise."
"Our association with Atoms playschool Franchise has been fruitful. We have managed to form many successful partnerships because of Atoms playschool . The team is extremely helpful. "
Setha. Kudalur
“Amazing fast and reliable customer support! Right time supportThanks!”
“Excellent support, fast and very quick  returns . The providers meets the expectations.I suggest more persons to take franchise”
Sheik Riyas Ahamed, Mannarkudi

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